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Heller Ferguson den lille grå 1/24

Varenr.: H81401
Vejl. DKK 279,-

Harry Ferguson was born in 1884 in lreland. He was fond of automobiles and aero- planes and became the first lrishman to fly in 1909. He later founded a company selling cars and tractors. In 1916 he invented the FergusonSystem, a 3-point linkage designed to attach ploughs to tractors that is the norm nowadays. He patented an improved version of it in 1936. He then started building tractors, forst on his own, then from 1939 in partnership with Henry Ford. Over 300,000 Ford-Fergusons were sold until 1947 The TE-20 nicknamed Little Grey Fergie, was launched in 1946 and built in Coventry by the Standard Motor Co hich had owned Triumph since 1945). More than 500,000 units, both petrol and Diesel were built until 1956. Coventry-built TE-20s were imported in France from 1946 and were successful enough to justify joint-venture between Standard and Hotchkissin 1953. TE-20s would be assembled in the Saint-Denis factory, mostly from imported British parts. The share of French-built parts increased until reaching 100% un 1957 when the TE-20 became the FF-30. The FF-30 was a TE-20 with minor differences (seat shape, batery location, red painted engine and chassis) and was produced until 1958. Some 50,000 tractors were built in Saint-Denis

Scala: 1/24
Length: 110 mm
Width: 70 mm
Parts: 128